LIPP CAPITAL S.C.  is a trading company of Mexican products, such as Coffee, in a wide variety of  presentations: Green, Roasted, Instant Soluble and Organic. Our company is located in Veracruz, Mexico, a very important port in  the Gulf of Mexico,  our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction, providing high quality products and very competitive prices.

    In Mexico, the coffee production is under several enviromental conditions. This fact allows growing different kinds of aromatic Mexican coffee. These enviromental conditions vary depending of the area.

     An altitude range betwen 400 and 2.500 meter over the sea level, with superior qualities in the highlands. Temperature average maximum of 21°C to 30°C and the minimum from 10°C to 19°C.

     Precipitation level average of 1.080 mm.  minimum and 5.075 mm. maximum that represents balanced humidity range.

    The main producers of coffee in Mexico are the states of: Chiapas, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Puebla, which produce more than  85% of the total production, being Mexico the 4° worldwide place in the production after Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia. This position allows our country, export more than the 95% of the production, that in 1997/ 98 reached around 5'000,000  sacks of 60 Kg. from green coffee, (almost 300,000 Tons), representing approximately the 5% of the worldwide production.


     The new tendencies of coffee production in Mexico, are guided to protect our environment, Therefore, modern techniques are being utilized in the coffee benefit wich are focused to an ecological culture and saving water consumption for the cleaning processes, as well as the use of by-products like the gotten pulp, that is begun to utilized like a  100% natural  fertilizer  in the own coffee plantation

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