The Mexican coffee, is traditionally exported to the United States of America, covering
78% of the exports and 19% is exported to the European Union, for which the coffee sector
Mexican represents a good alternative of businesses in the International market.

          In accordance with information of BANCOMEXT(TRADE COMMISSION OF MEXICO), Mexico is a net coffee exporter, since their internal consumption and inventories represent less of the 15% of their total production. In 1997 the exports were from US$ 827 millions of  this  is 22.15% superiors to 1996.

         The national participation of the market majors mainly in four states (Chiapas, Varacruz, Puebla and Oaxaca) that they produce almost the 90% of the total of the country. 2 commercial varieties of coffee exist that they undertake almost the 100% of the worldwide market: ARABICAand ROBUST.

         The first  is better quality since rely on attributes of form, size, color, aroma, body, acidity and flavor demanded by the International Market to superior prices sometimes in 100% to the price paid for the Robust variety.

        In Mexico the 97% of the production major in the variety Arabica, while only are produced a 3% residual in the Robust variety.

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