Thursday, September 3, 1998
Swissair Crash Kills 229, Including 136 Americans
Andrew Vaughan/AP
PEGGY'S COVE, Nova Scotia — A Swissair pilot reported smoke in the cockpit, dumped tons of fuel and attempted an emergency landing before his jetliner crashed into the ocean off Nova Scotia, killing all 229 people aboard, including 136 Americans.

Flight SR111 from New York to Geneva plunged into the Atlantic late Wednesday night after leaving Kennedy International Airport at 8:17 p.m. It carried 215 passengers — including two infants — and 14 crew
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Survivors Unlikely

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Walter Vollenweider, a Swissair representative, said its first priority was 'our passengers, our crewmembers, family members and relatives'
Porn Ring

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Customs Commissioner Ray Kelly describes the kiddie porn sting operation

Us Against THEM
Obsessed as the folks on the Sunday talk shows are with the president's sex life, they cannot understand why we're not equally entranced. They can't understand why the president's approval ratings remain so high.


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Other News
Picture Hurricane Earl
Ebbs as it Hits
Florida Panhandle

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — A weakening Hurricane Earl pushed ashore early Thursday, lashing the Florida Panhandle with wind and torrential rain as scores of people huddled in powerless homes to wait out the storm.

About 150 people were trapped on St. George Island, about 50 miles southeast of Panama City, when water washed over the only bridge to the mainland. All 1,500 homes on the island were without power.
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Japan Increases Vigilance for Second N. Korea Missile Test
TOKYO — North Korea could be planning a second firing of a ballistic missile, similar to one tested earlier this week that overflew Japan and alarmed the region, Japanese officials said Thursday.

Japanese and South Korean armed forces went on an increased level of alert to prepare for another launch and Tokyo went on a diplomatic offensive to dissuade the communist state from going ahead with a second test.
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Market Wire
Chernomyrdin Refuses to
Step Aside as Ruble Sinks

MOSCOW — The Russian ruble fell hard and fast Thursday, while Boris Yeltsin and his rivals in parliament headed for a showdown vote over the president's candidate to lead a new government.

A day after the government acknowledged it was powerless to stop the ruble's fall, Russia's financial crisis went from bad to worse.
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Bank Reform Bill
Gets Worked Over

WASHINGTON — Legislation designed to replace the nation's Depression-era banking laws came up against opposition Wednesday, a day before the Senate Banking Committee planned to take up the controversial measure.

In letters to the U.S. Senate, consumer groups said they were concerned that lawmakers, with more than 70 amendments to be considered, would strip out badly needed consumer-protection provisions.
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Picture McGwire Nails
Nos. 58 and 59

MIAMI — Mark McGwire hit two homers for the second consecutive night Wednesday against the Florida Marlins, giving him a career-high 59. He needs just two more to tie Roger Maris' 37-year-old major league record.

McGwire homered in the seventh inning against Brian Edmondson and again in the eighth on the first pitch from Rob Stanifer. Each was a two-run shot.
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Hit the Mouse, Not the
Books at Online University

SALT LAKE CITY — It's a student's dream — a university where you can work at your own pace and get a degree without even taking a course.

Welcome to Western Governors University, a virtual learning environment where students can enroll with the click of a mouse button.
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No Officer, I'm Not
Drunk, I'm Sleepy

WASHINGTON — Sleepy people who nod off behind the wheel are just as dangerous as people who drink and drive, the safety arm of the American Automobile Association said Wednesday.

And with 33 million people expected on the highways this Labor Day weekend, a 5 percent increase over last year, sleepy, drowsing, nodding off drivers are sure to take their toll, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said.
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Presidential Perv Doll Sells Like Hotcakes in Russia
MOSCOW — A traditional Russian-style matrioshka nesting doll set bearing the image of U.S. President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky inside is a sellout item on Moscow's Arbat pedestrian mall.

"They sell well, we just have this display one left," a street vendor said Wednesday when Clinton was in town to meet Russian President Boris Yeltsin. "Mostly foreigners like these."
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